C# ASP.Net MVC API Web App Using Advanced DB Master as a Data Source

Been wondering how to build a C#, ASP.Net, MVC, API web app using ADBM (Advanced DB Master) data source on the back end?¬† You’re welcome.

Demo source on GitHub.

Install Advanced DB Master (ADBM) from http://maconsys.com then open the Sample database, ADBMSamp, and exit ADBM.

ADBM added a System DSN ODBC datasource called adbmsamp to your OS.


In Visual Studio, create a C# ASP.Net Framework or Core Web Application.


And select Web API, leaving the MVC and Web API boxes checked.


Optionally, you can add the data source as a database connection and work with it that way if you prefer, but that’s not necessary.


For our needs we’ll just need a connection string in the web.config:

<add name=”csADBMSamp” connectionString=”DSN=adbmsamp” />