Triple Boot OS X Yosemite, Windows 10, Kali on MacBook Pro

Start install of OS X Yosemite

Disk Utility, create one partition for both OS X and Windows leave free space for Kali and shared data drive.

I have 750GB HDD and created a 600GB partition.

Install OS X

BootCamp split for Windows 250GB for OS X, 350GB for Windows

Install Windows

You will need to format the 350GB  Windows partition NTFS

Boot Kali and Install

Partitioning, Guided use the largest continuous free space, All files in one partition

Install GRUB to master boot record yes.

Boot to either OSX or Windows/Kali via the Option key and you get to choose either Windows or Kali through GRUB.

If you get a “no bootable device” error trying to boot Windows:

power on + option key boot os x

download and install gtp fdisk from sourceforge

sudo gdisk /dev/disk0

type “r” (no quotes) and press enter

type “h” and press enter

You’ll get a warning that hybrid MBR’s are flaky and dangerous. That’s ok.

It will ask for 1 to 3 partition numbers (space separated) so I would suggest you enter

2 4 6 (one space between each) and press enter – that means you’re leaving out the recovery HD’s

It will ask if you want to include the EFI partition first in MBR

answer Y and press enter

you will get default entries for partition 2 – accept them by pressing enter BUT

the last question will ask if you want to make the partition bootable – answer N and press enter.

Do the same for partition 4

For partition 6 accept defaults (checking that type 07 is the default option for partition type) but when it asks you if you want to make partition 6 bootable – answer Y and press enter.

When finished type “w” and press enter – to write changes to the partition table.

Answer Y to continue.

When done type “q” to quit gdisk

Close terminal

Reboot holding Alt key and see if Windows appears in the boot menu – try to boot it.

sudo gdisk /dev/disk0

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